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Networks are a recent invention in the realm of Information Technology. When scientists and developers first started connecting computers and sending messages they gave birth to a whole new sector of the economy. Employment was created in the areas of network software, network hardware, interconnection device design and manufacture, network architecture, network engineering, internetworking, network administration, training, education and many other areas.

Networks are prevalent in almost every aspect of our lives. When we go to the bank machine, make a telephone call, order food in a restaurant, or even just watch TV, we are connecting to various computer networks. Thirty years ago when computer networks began appearing, very few people had access to them, but today most of us do.

The problem with learning networks, however, is that they developed very fast...almost too fast to develop a standard underlying theory. There is, however, the principle of "Locality of Reference", which states that computers that have a close proximity are more likely to communicate more often and more easily than computers that are far apart. Today with the use of various protocols there is more standardization. Once networks, particularly LANs or Local Area Networks, began to be interconnected, this idea became more and more important.

To succeed in the Information Technology sector, no matter what the specific field, it is important to understand something about networking.

Information Technology 12 builds on the theories and practical applications of Information Technology 11 and takes a closer look at protocols and the concepts of Internetworking. In a time when traditional LANs are being replaced with WANs (wide area networks) this is critical knowledge.

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